We deveop MQL Soft that help’s make stable profit at FOREX

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Wellcome!  My name is Alex i am MQL programmer and Strategy developer from www.FXPIP.ONE

About Us:

We are experienced MQL Software Programmers for MetaTrader4 and 5 Platforms and we have created unique profitable trading software based at RENKO Forex Robot EA MPGOv3.1.8 with Pyramid and Overlap function and TMA Double TF strategy which we use to manage live accounts for our Partners and Customers. Our ongoing review and modification process ensures continued optimum performance. See more info at our YouTube Channel

Free Video Course “FXPIP ROBOTS” there: https://fxpipone.teachable.com/

FXPIP MQL Products that manage our Clients Accounts:

In 2021 FXPIP.ONE STOP SELLING latest trading Soft versions and start provide only Funds Management for Investors. We will only update our old Clients that purchased EA and continue use our IB accounts (generate us IB). We already have Team for co-working, develop, testing, fixing bugs etc for improve next EA versions (not for internet Sharing or selling). New customers cannot Purchase latest versions of EAs in 2021. At FXPIP Forum will be posted all parameters for updated EA MPGOv.3.1.8 with pyramid function but we will not sell this version to anyone. 

FXPIP Funds Management from $1 000 till $10 000: 

  • Pro-Cent Account must be opened from This Link: https://my.roboforex.com/en/register/?a=mdhn or with mdhn partner code
  • Leverage = 1:2000
  • Balance = from $1000 till $10 000
  • Minimal Monthly Profit that we will make = from 25% and higher (up to 50%)
  • Service % FEE = 30% from total profit at your account (pay once per 1 Month)

If Investor started from Pro-Cent Account and reached over $10 000 equity – need to switch at Pro-Standard account and stop pay % FEE to us!

FXPIP Funds Management from $10 000 till $25 000: 

  • Pro-Standard Account must be opened from This Link: https://my.roboforex.com/en/register/?a=mdhn or with mdhn partner code
  • Leverage = 1:2000
  • Balance = from $10 000 and higher
  • Minimal Monthly Profit that we will make = from 25% and higher (up to 50%)
  • Service % FEE = 0% from total profit at your account (all profit go to Investor for withdrawal)

We also discuss other Brokers to manage under our IB (we can try to register there if their ib program reasonable for us)

Benefit of FXPIP Funds management:

  • Not need to install (we will setup your account at our Server after you provide us Trading Password)
  • Not need to learn Forex Courses or EA Parameters and Trading Methods
  • Minimal investment = $1 000
  • Minimal time of investment = 1 Month
  • Service % FEE = 30% for accounts less $10 000 Balance
  • No Service % FEE for accounts more $10 000 Balance (you not pay any % Fee from your profit to FXPIP Service)
  • You can work as Partner and invite your investors with balance over $10 000 and split their profit with them as you need (20/80 30/70 40/60 50/50) we not take any % fee in this case, we just happy with IB.
  • Minimal target profit per 1 Month = 25% (up to 50% , sometimes Market give more)
  • Broker accept BTC Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Every 1st and 3th Tuesdays, the broker allows withdrawals without commissions

When You need to pay % Fee to us? 

You will pay % Fee to our service Once per one Month if our profit = or > 300$. Means we must make $1000 pure profit at your account per some period. Also if all orders will be closed we inform you with your first Trading Password that you provided at start for future withdrawals. After withdrawal you contact us back and we continue do trading service for You.

Copyrights Warning:

During Management we change account passwords  – you cannot copy our trading to someone also. We will create myfxbook or fxblue so you can follow results there.

FXPIP Risk Agreement

  • Virtual currencies are complex and high risk and as such come with a high risk of losing all the invested capital
  • Virtual currencies values are subject to extreme price volatility and hence may result in significant loss over a short period of time.
  • Virtual currencies are not appropriate for all investors. As such, customers should not engage in trading in relation to such products if they cannot bear the loss of the entire invested amount.
  • We do our best as we can for you. Your stable profit is our target

HOW TO START (one more time) :

  • Open account from our Link (or mdhn Partner Code) with Leverage 1:2000 
  • Send us account number to check is it our IB acc or not at Support@fxpip.one
  • After we check account and reply Ok – you can deposit it
  • Provide Login details to Start trading: Acc # + Trading Password + Server Name 

Follow our NEWS in Telegram Channel: https://t.me/profitFXPIPs

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RoboForex logoRoboForex
Account Type: Cent-Pro, Standard-PRO
Leverage 1:2000

Account Type: Micro
Leverage 1:1000

Account Type: Standard
Leverage: 1:500

Account Type: STP
Leverage: 1:500

MT4 Renko Forex Robot “Multipair-Pyramid-Grid-Overlap”

renko forex robot

All indicators that already coded into EA MPGO:
1) ParabolicSAR Double TF (3 types)
2) Index_All (5 types)
3) TMA Double TF (9 types),
4) CCI (2 types)
4) TurboJrsx RSI (3 types)
5) WATR (1 type)
6) Snake+Moving Average (1 type)
7) CMA (nonrepaint TMA)
8) Renko Price Action

Most popular strategy TMA8 verified and confirmed at Real account. You can learn this strategy at Renko EA MPGO page : https://www.fxpip.one/soft/mt4-renko-expert-advisor-mpgo/ and TMA strategies page https://www.fxpip.one/tma-indicator-types-of-entries-in-ea-mpgo/ . In latest version of EA MPGO we able to use all existed strategies at RENKO bars with additional Renko Bars Price Action signals / filters

TMA indicator

Real Results reached with EA MPGO