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Hi! We are experienced MQL Software Programmers for MetaTrader4 and 5 Platforms and we have created unique profitable trading software based at RENKO Forex Robot EA MPGO v4.0.0(MT4) and v5.0.0(MT5) with Overlap function, TMA Bands and Clear-Vision trading system which we use to manage live accounts for our Partners and Customers. Our ongoing review and modification process ensures continued optimum performance.

We also anonce our first MQL Protected Market: all our products now protected from decompilation, we will also launch soon MQL Protection Service. Find out more about our developments in 
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MQL Protected Market

Trading Panel FXPIP

Trading Panel FXPIP

Platform: MT4
Min Depo: 10000 Cents
Price: $ 100
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Platform: MT4
Min Depo: 10000 Cents
Price: $ 100
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EA MPGO v4 (MT4)

Platform: MT4
Min Depo: 30000 Cents
Price: $ 300
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EA MPGO v5 (MT5)

Platform: MT5
Min Depo: 30000 Cents
Price: $ 500
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Trading System “Currency Correlator”

Trading System "Currency Correlator

Platform: MT5
Min Depo: 10000 Cents
Price: $ 350
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Automated trading MT4 robot EA MPGOv4.0.0 with Renko Charts Signal and not only…

Automated trading MT5 robot EA MPGO v5.0.0 with "ClearVision" method

Currency and 28 pairs sorted by indicators : MA%, MA&Jump%, RSI%,Stochastic%, ATR%, TMA Centerd Bands%: 

Trading System "Currency Correlator

Trading performance during develop

Why trading forex with Automated Strategies (EA's or Robots) better than manual trading?

During the last year, in the current conditions of a total pandemic (covid19) and vaccinations, many people have lost their main job (or work half their wages remotely). We have to adapt to the world around us and work from home online. Many of us are looking for new ways to make money on the Internet, try to study different courses, learn programming, including Forex trading as an investor or trader.

The generation of manual traders is becoming a thing of the past, today it is possible and profitable to trade on the forex and stock exchange in a semi-automation mode: when the vast majority of the strategy is executed by the algorithm of a trading robot, while human participation and his psychological risk factor are reduced to zero. A person spends a maximum of one hour per day on the management and control of a forex robot in this mode.

We have built an algorithm of trading bots that run on a OS Windows/Linux VPS, but are controlled using an iOS or Android mobile phone. You can set directions and signals to our robot using pending orders, even if you are far from the computer. With the help of our systems, you can profitably trade on different exchanges, currency pairs, metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks (all brokers with the MT4, MT5 platform).

Mobile TM4

The forex market is open from Monday to Friday 5/24 – physically a person is not able to trade around the clock . A person becomes nervous and unbalanced after 2 days of trading on the financial markets, then he makes mistakes and deviates from his trading strategy, that leads to a loss of investment.

FXPIP team specializes in creating profitable Forex trading robots that replace humans in whole or in part. These are modern automated algorithms for the Metatrader platform – robots, bots or advisors that will work for you online 7/24, following the principles of profitable strategies and trading systems on the basis of which they are created. The Forex Market change every day, so our team is forced to optimize and improve trading algorithms for the current nature of the behavior of charts and their trends.

Our systems are built on the basis of the best indicator trading strategies and ideas from world’s TOP traders , who have been testing their profitability for years by managing the accounts of large investors and funds. We also carefully listen to the feedback and recommendations of our current clients and incorporate their trading strategies and best ideas into our automated and semi-automated algorithms.

FXPIP automated trading strategies (expert advisors) give a good and stable profit from 15% to 50% per month, much depends on the volatility of instruments or forex pairs.


MQL Code Protection Service
MQL Code Protection Service

MQL Code Protection Service If you interested how our MQL Code Protection
MQL Protection FXPIP
FXPIP MQL Protection Service

FXPIP MQL Protection Service in Jan 2024 FXPIP.ONE will present first Protected
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MQL Code Protection
MQL Code Protection created by FXPIP.ONE

MQL Code Protection MQL Code Protection by FXPIP.ONE All FXPIP MQL Products
how to test Renko bars in strategy tester
How to test renko EA in

 How to test renko EA in MT4: Another Method to Run Renko
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Warning: trading Forex/CFD is highly speculative and risky