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FXPIP MQL Protection Service

in Jan 2024 FXPIP.ONE will present first Protected MQL Soft that not possible to decompile

Approximately in February 2024 FXPIP.ONE plane to finish updating of EA MPGO.
It will be first forex robot in the world that not possible to decompile, based at new MQL Protection Service developed by FXPIP.ONE team

New signal function constructor in EAs

In new protected version of EA MPGO we will add signal function that use all standard indicators of MT4 (and MT5) – it will be signal constructor for robot entries. Also will be posted new video-course how to use new signal function constructor.

MQL Protection Service:

After we test scammers and decompilers we plane to launch first forex market with totally protected licenses of trading soft.

MQL Protection Service

We invite best forex strategy developers to protect their licenses (robots and indicators, trading systems ) from decompiling. Stop loosing your copyrights because of scammers!

Such service as and cannot protect robots – they just put part of code in dll. Any programmer can decompile dll and use EA without any license at multiply accounts and resell your soft killing your copyrights.

If you are a good manual trader and would like to automatise your trading methods – create finalised total task for MQL programmer with your strategy and all EA parameters and send it to us (finalised = task that you will not change in future. We will not code changes for people that dont know what they want! Only finalised task of strategy that tested at real account from 3 months). We will let you know does your task possible to code in EA and how much resourses of time it will take. In future we will be able step by step protect and post your new products in our Protected Market as Partners.

Scammers will be very disappointed

FXPIP.ONE MQL protection service developed unique method to protect soft that not use any dll and based at Client-Server. Our Clients receive Client.ex4 (or Client.ex5) robot that have no logic inside (bridge). All logic will be placed at our Protected Data Server that will collect your charts and send commands to you Client.ex4 (Client.ex5, every product will be coded for MT4 and MT5 easly). If scammer decompile Client.ex4 he cannot use or stole any logic from your EA code, because all logic at our Server. If we see that some user make wrong request at our Server by wrong ticket, number of order, wrong IP, wrong account number, wrong hardware, wrong control sum of file after decompile – he will be BANNED by IP permanently and forever in automatically mode by Server of FXPIP MQL Protection Service

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