Best Forex Brokers that can use crypto deposit and crypto trading

1. Roboforex – Best Forex Broker with Cent Accounts to test Strategies.

Account Type: Cent-Pro, Standard-PRO
Leverage 1:2000

Account must be opened from this Link ( or mdhn = partner code )

What is good – that if invest at Cent account $100 you will receive 10 000 USCents account with start lot 0.1 that in 10 times less by Margin requirement as 0.01 at usual USD account to test or earn profit with robots at low risk.

Roboforex provide next leverages for all account types:
Balance $1 – $4999 —- Leverage 1:2000
Balance from $5000 up to 1M—- MaxLeverage 1:1000

MaxLot at Cent and Standard Account = 10 000 Lots
Minimal Cent lot MT4 = 0.01 ! (only under our IB Link)
MaxOpened Market Orders in MT4 Cent Account = 200
Minimal Cent lot MT5 = 0.01
MaxOpened Market Orders in MT5 Cent Account = 500
You can invest at any type of Roboforex acc up to $ 1 000 0000, even at Cent

Roboforex do not accept clients from : Australia, Canada, USA, NZ, Indonesia
Any other countries are Welcome ! even Belgium and Singapore

Roboforex accept deposit and withdrawals in BTC. Also 2 times per 1 month (every 1st and 3th Tuesdays) you can make withdrawal without any % Fee. In this way it can be your best forex broker for years.

2. Hotforex

Account Type: Micro
Leverage 1:1000

Account must be opened from this Link  ( or 339784 = partner code ) . EA cannot accept account that not opened via our link!

  • Spreads: from 1 pip
  • Open with as little as $5
  • Leverage of up to 1:1000
  • 150+ Trading Instruments
  • Max Position 7 lots
  • Market Execution
  • Minimum trade size 1 Micro Lot (0.01)
  • PAMM/MAMM account types

For NEW brokers – you can contact us and propose conditions of your IB program with IB agreement. Please reply this questions, we have to know all trading conditions in client and partner agreement:

  1. What countries you not accept as Clients?
  2. Account types you have
  3. MaxLeverages at all account types. If leverage change from deposit amount also let us know.
  4. Average spreads at EURUSD XAUUSD BTCUSD
  5. What you pay per 1 closed lot to partner? If you pay from average spread how we can trust you and what is the clear method of calculating? Make it clear. We not interesting in $2/lot and calculation from average spread that nobody can check or control. Interesting $5 and higher and not big spread conditions.
  6. Does partner must have all time some active trading clients? For example OctaFX need 10 clients – if not they cancel IB program and its not interesting for us at all.
  7. Hedge Margin % ? if open 1 lot sell + 1 lot buy what amount will be in margin ?
  8. StopOut level?
  9. Max Positions and Orders we can open in MT4 and MT5
  10. MaxLot per 1 position. Total MaxLot per all sum positions
  11. What strategies not allowed at your Broker?
  12. We not interested in CPA from Kitchen. Only legal IB program based at Closed Lots
  13. We not work with Brokers that not have TM4 and MT5

Our experience tell as that here  2 types of Brokers in the world:

1) Scam Brokers or Kitchens that interested all time in new Deposits and Blow of Clients amount. Usually they pay part of loosed amount to partners as Binary Option companies. FXPIP not work with such Brokers

2) Normal Broker that make money at closed lots of the client profit trading in long term strategies with normal risks without big losses of amount. We develop soft for such Brokers and their profit traders. If your Clients need good strategies that make stable profit and generate big values in closed lots using long term swing trading strategies – feel free to contact us at this page: