MQL Protection Service

The Ineffectiveness of MQL5 Market and FXPIP Server-Client protection service as the emergence of Secure Protocol

The world of automated trading, facilitated by platforms like, has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the availability of trading robots and indicators. These products promise traders automated solutions for executing trades, analyzing markets, and generating signals. However, amidst the proliferation of such tools, a critical issue has emerged – the vulnerability of these products to decompilation and unauthorized usage., a popular marketplace for trading robots and indicators, has long been a hub for traders and developers seeking to buy and sell their products. However, recent developments have highlighted a significant flaw in the platform’s security infrastructure. Despite claims of robust protection mechanisms, it has become increasingly evident that the majority of products listed on are susceptible to decompilation and exploitation.

The failure of’s cloud protection system to effectively safeguard trading algorithms and strategies has left developers and sellers exposed to the risk of intellectual property theft and unauthorized distribution. This vulnerability not only undermines the profitability of legitimate developers but also compromises the integrity of the trading ecosystem as a whole.

In response to these shortcomings, a pioneering solution has emerged in the form of FXPIP.ONE’s secure protocol for transmitting trading logic and signals from server to client within the MT4 or MT5 terminal. Recognizing the urgent need for enhanced protection, the team behind FXPIP.ONE embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way trading algorithms are safeguarded and distributed.


The core innovation of FXPIP.ONE lies in its client-server architecture, which ensures that a portion of the trading logic resides on the FXPIP.ONE server, with encrypted transmission of logic to the client-side robot. This approach effectively nullifies the threat of decompilation, as the essential logic remains inaccessible within decompiled files. Consequently, attempts by malicious actors to exploit and resell hacked products are rendered futile without the requisite licensing and authorization from the FXPIP.ONE server.

By leveraging advanced encryption techniques and a robust client-server framework, FXPIP.ONE has succeeded in creating a secure environment where developers can confidently deploy their trading solutions without fear of unauthorized replication or distribution. The implementation of FXPIP.ONE’s protective measures not only safeguards the intellectual property of developers but also fosters trust and confidence among traders in the integrity of automated trading systems.

In conclusion, while the market may be fraught with vulnerabilities and shortcomings in its protection mechanisms, the emergence of FXPIP.ONE’s secure protocol represents a paradigm shift in the realm of automated trading. By prioritizing security and innovation, FXPIP.ONE has set a new standard for protecting trading algorithms and empowering developers to thrive in an environment free from exploitation and unauthorized usage.

MQL Protection Service

Protecting Forex Robots from decompilation - advantages of our service:

  • part of important logic (mathematic, signals) put at FXPIP server into C++
  • we send logic from server into Client Metatrader EA using encrypted protected https protocol (similar to Metatrader bridge)
  • we not put MQL Code into DLL – whey can be easily cracked
  • Strategy Tester also works but slowly (protocol for tester coded too)
  • decompiled EA will not trade without server logic and correct server licensing
  • IP address with decompiled EA that try to access protection server logic with “wrong parameters” will be blocked forever as scam IP and stop receive support and updates from FXPIP.ONE
  • every protected mql soft will have licenser tool – EA that will add licenses directly from Metatrader Buttons, just input new account and press “add License”
  • all products protected by FXPIP Protocol will be placed on our Protected MQL Market for popularity and recognition of site and service

MQL Protection Service Prices:

  • Protect 1 EA or 1 indicator with MQL FXPIP Client-Server Pritection – FREE
  • Post your Protected EA or Indicator in our MQL Market at our Site with your payment medhods – FREE
  • Code generation of MQL Protection will take up to 24 hours after you send us MQL Source Code. After this new accounts can be added very fast without changing ex4 or ex5 files. If you update your EA with new version – we generaate new protection Free for your products but not more than once a week 
  • Activation of 1 account Number cost $5 each month
  • Activation of 1 account Number for our IB BrokersNo Service Fee

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