MQL Soft Prices and Payment Methods

  1. (MT5) EA MPGO v5.0.0 $500
  2. (MT4) EA MPGO v3.9.6 $300
  3. (MT4) EA SWING v1.0.0  $100
  4. (MT4) Trading Panel FXPIP v1.1.5 $100
  5. (MT5) Trading System “FXPIP Currency Correlator” $350

Type of License:

Up to 10 real licenses Cent & Standard accounts + Copy Trading Account Type opened at your name with IB Broker.
Old account numbers possible to switch in future if used!


Coin: USDT TetherUS

Network: TRX Tron (TRC20)

Address: TYrXs1sR44tP7gV9dkCfrMHm8UofjeFEZS

Or use QR Code:

After purchase contact us: with attached screenshot of transaction. We will make Client login for your e-mail to our Forum where you can download MQL Protected Robots, develop EA’s strategies for future versions and learn parameters with our community of traders.