Prices of FXPIP soft for 1 Real License at any Broker:

EA MPGO v3.3.0 – Cost $500 (robot page)
EA SWING v1.0.0 – Cost $100 (robot page) 
Trading Panel FXPIP – Cost $100 (robot page)

Type of License – one lifetime account license number at any Broker + future free updates of new versions.
Account number possible to  switch in future + up to 10 real licenses free for Cent accounts opened at IB Broker.


  1. BTC (Bitcoin) 1KtVH3ZSQbQmtFrzUjevf5xgtTL9yuhYPN
  2. ETH (ERC20) 0x731e047a5b63d0b19183791fa05580aff46a015f
  3. USDT (TRC20) TYrXs1sR44tP7gV9dkCfrMHm8UofjeFEZS
  4. Western Union (contact us for more detail)
  5. Money Gram (contact us for more detail)
  6. Swift (contact us for more detail)
  7. Sepa (contact us for more detail)

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