MQL Security

The market, known for its plethora of trading robots and indicators, is currently facing a significant challenge: rampant decompilation and piracy. Despite efforts to implement cloud protection, it has become evident that existing measures are inadequate, leaving developers and sellers vulnerable to exploitation.

MQL security

In response to this pressing issue, the team at www.FXPIP.ONE has engineered a groundbreaking solution. In 2024, they unveiled a fortified protocol for transmitting robot logic and signals from server to client within the MT4 or MT5 terminal environment, effectively establishing a client-server architecture. Alongside this innovation, they introduced an affordable MQL protection service.

This revolutionary approach involves housing a portion of the robot’s logic in C++ code on the FXPIP.ONE server, transmitting it securely through a protected channel to the client-side robot. Consequently, even if an EX4 or EX5 file is decompiled, fraudsters are left empty-handed. The essential logic remains inaccessible, rendering any attempt to resell the compromised product futile without specialized licensing from the www.FXPIP.ONE server.

The team at FXPIP.ONE is committed to collaborating with developers of automated Forex trading robots, providing both protection and support to safeguard their intellectual property rights. Furthermore, they showcase all MQL-protected Forex robots in their dedicated marketplace for secure MQL products.

This pioneering initiative marks a significant stride forward in MQL security, offering developers peace of mind and empowering them to focus on innovation without the looming threat of piracy.

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