MQL Secure protocol

  2. Decompilation
  3. Cloud protection
  5. MQL Secure protocol

The market for trading robots and indicators has faced a significant challenge: rampant decompilation and unauthorized replication of products. Despite efforts to implement cloud protection, the existing measures have proven ineffective, leaving developers and vendors vulnerable to piracy. In response to this pressing issue, the team at www.FXPIP.ONE introduced a robust solution in 2024: a secure client-server protocol for transmitting robot logic and signals.

MQL Protection Service

This innovative approach involves hosting a portion of the robot’s logic on FXPIP.ONE’s secure servers, with data transmitted securely to the client’s terminal. By leveraging C++ code and establishing a protected channel, the integrity of the robot’s logic remains intact throughout transmission. Decompiling an .ex4 or .ex5 file yields no valuable insights for potential fraudsters, as the core logic resides securely on FXPIP.ONE’s servers. Any attempt to redistribute hacked products is thwarted without proper licensing from FXPIP.ONE’s server.

MQL Secure protocol


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