MQL Code Protection Web Service: Addressing Vulnerabilities in MQL5 Market Products

The market for MQL products, including robots and indicators, faces a significant challenge: rampant decompilation and cracking of its products. Despite attempts at cloud protection, this defense mechanism falls short, leaving developers and sellers unable to safeguard their creations effectively.

One popular solution, MQLLock, transfers a portion of the code into DLLs and obfuscates the remaining code into EX4 files. However, this method proves ineffective, as many Forex robots have been compromised even after undergoing MQLLock protection, freely available or sold at meager prices online.

In response to these vulnerabilities, www.FXPIP.ONE introduced a protected protocol for transmitting robot logic and signals from server to client in MT4 or MT5 terminals (client-server). Additionally, they developed an MQL protection service. With this approach, a portion of the robot logic resides in C++ code on the FXPIP.ONE server, transmitted securely to the client-side robot. Decompiling EX4 or EX5 files yields no valuable information to fraudsters, as the critical logic remains inaccessible, requiring special licensing from the www.FXPIP.ONE server.

Our team collaborates with Forex automated robot developers, aiding in protecting their intellectual property rights. We also host a specialized market for MQL-protected products, ensuring a secure environment for both creators and users.

MQL Code Protection Web Service

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