MQL anti-hacking Protection

MQL anti-hacking

In the realm of algorithmic trading, safeguarding MQL-based products from hacking threats has become increasingly critical. Despite efforts, the market faces persistent vulnerabilities, with products prone to decompilation and unauthorized access, rendering conventional cloud protection measures ineffective. Recognizing this gap, FXPIP.ONE’s team devised a robust solution in 2024: a fortified protocol for transmitting robot logic and signals from server to client terminals (MT4 or MT5), coupled with an affordable MQL protection service.

Unlike conventional methods, FXPIP.ONE’s approach involves housing a portion of the robot’s logic in secure C++ code on their servers, transmitted via a protected channel to the client’s side. Decompiling EX4 or EX5 files yields no substantive logic, thwarting malicious intentions. Any attempt to redistribute hacked products requires specialized licensing from FXPIP.ONE’s server end, effectively safeguarding developers’ intellectual property.

Our team is committed to collaborating with forex robot developers, providing not only protection for their creations but also upholding their rights and intellectual property. Additionally, all forex robots fortified with MQL protection are showcased in our exclusive marketplace for secure MQL products.

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