Metatrader Expert Protection

In the realm of algorithmic trading, protecting Metatrader experts has become a paramount concern. The market, once hailed for its convenience, is now plagued by rampant decompilation and exploitation of products, rendering traditional cloud protection ineffective. Enter FXPIP.ONE, pioneering a paradigm shift in safeguarding trading robots and indicators.

In 2024, FXPIP.ONE unveiled a groundbreaking solution: a fortified client-server protocol for transmitting logic and signals seamlessly between server and client terminals in MT4 or MT5. This innovative approach ensures that even if an EX4 or EX5 file is decompiled, essential logic remains secure on FXPIP.ONE’s servers. Without access to the core logic, counterfeiters are left unable to resell hacked products without proper licensing from FXPIP.ONE.

Collaborating with developers of forex automated trading systems, FXPIP.ONE not only shields their creations from piracy but also champions their intellectual property rights. The team curates a specialized marketplace for MQL-protected products, offering developers a platform to showcase their innovations while safeguarding their integrity.

Metatrader Expert Protection


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