TMA indicator strategy #1

Parameters that MT5 EA MPGO used in automated TMA strategy #1:

TMA_All_Bars = 1000;

TMA_HalfLengthFast = 56;
TMA_HalfLengthSlow = 224;
TMA_ATRMultiplierFast = 2.0;
TMA_ATRMultiplierSlow = 4.0;
TMA_ATRPeriodFast = 100;
TMA_ATRPeriodSlow = 400;
KeepTMAxOposite = true;

TypeTMAFiltre=1 – EA use only one FastTMA indicator parameters. If price go out FastTMA Channel – EA will open order to expect price will back inside channel of FastTMA (no signal inside Channel). Additionally if KeepTMAxOposite=true EA keep current signal until opposite signal using history crosses in cycles.

Sell at Current not closed yet Bar: Curent Price > SlowTMA upper band
Buy at Current not closed yet Bar: Current Price < SlowTMA lower band

Example: Red – sell area, Blue – buy area

Pic1: TMA Strategy #1 (KeepTMAxOposite = false)

In this case signals will be more scalping – only outside channel. Inside channel no signals!

If at current bar no signals and if parameter KeepTMAxOpposite = true EA will look at history and find xBar of last signal and keep trade this signal untill reverse:
Sell at xBar of history: xBar Closed Price > FastTMA upper band at xBar
Buy at xBar of history: xBar Closed Price < FastTMA lower band at xBar



TMA Strategy #1 (KeepTMAxOposite = true)
Pic2: TMA Strategy #1 (KeepTMAxOposite = true)

In this case signals always exist otside and inside channel!

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