MT4+MT5 Robot “Multi-Pair-Grid-Pyramid-Overlap”

Multi-pair Mt4+Mt5 forex robot with modern MQL Protection for partners (not possible to Decompile). 

Robot logic based at Multi-pair Grid and Pyramid Trend orders management with Hidden TakeProfits and Targets. Brokers cannot read Logic of Ex4 or Ex5 file to predict code of your software. All logic situated at our Severs, but you can Change parameters of logic there in MQL/File/EA_Settings

EA working from 1 Chart and manage all pairs (no need to install EA at all pairs)

Minimal Start BALANCE to use EA : 10 000 ( $10 000 USD or 10 000 USCents = 100$ at Cent Account Type)

Minimal leverage : 1:500 

Risk=10 // Summary RiskLot in % of Deposit at Start orders of the serial. More pairs in set – less Risk at start order. Try to run 3 and 5 pairs with same Set

MaxRisk=50 // Maximal RiskLot of EA in % of Deposit 

MaxTradesGrid=15 // Max orders (levels) of Grid in 1 direction (Sell or Buy). If = 15 than it means that at 1 pair EA can open a maximum of 15 sell+15 buy orders. Total 30 grid orders max at 1 pair 

IgnoreOrdersFromSlGrid=1 // 0=Off , 1=On . If On – orders with SL (after Pyramid started working) EA do not take thous orders in Calculation because they already in BreakEven

PipStepGrid=10 // minimal distance between 2 grid orders of 1 serial in pips (anti-trend grid working) if indicator let continue do this operation

TypeCoef1=7 // ”0” or “1” or “2” or “7” (method of calculation next grid Lot Size)

if=0 then Next Grid Level = PreviousOrderLot * GridCoef1

if=1 then Next Grid Level = AverageLotOfSerial + PreviousOrder * GridCoef1

if=2 then Next Grid Level = PreviousOrder + StartLotOfSerial

if=7 then if more Drawdown then more lotsize at First Grid Level (all pairs) will owrk untill LevelGridCoef2=3 

if=13 then if more Drawdown then more lotsize at all Grid Levels  (all pairs) will work always – dont care about LevelGridCoef2=3 

GridCoef1=2 // [0.2 – 2] depending on what TypeCoef1 you use

LevelGridCoef2=3 // level of grid the EA starts working using TypeGridCoef2 

TypeGridCoef2=2 // calculation method same as TypeGridCoef1

GridCoef2=0.8 // calculation method same as GridCoef1

VTPLastGrid=10 // Virtual TakeProfit in PIPS for every Grid order after VSLGridLevel

VTPLastHalf=1 // 0=Off, 1=On. If=1 then every VTPLastGrid order will not close 100% lot size – EA will close 50% lot size of VTPLastGrid pips and other part that left from order will place in Break Even. After this EA will use that piece of order to continue building Pyramid inside Grid orders if price go trend for this piece of order. If=0 then EA will not build pyramid serial using 50% of lot sizes in Grid orders…Grid will work with pure Virtual Take profit and EA will close every last grid order 100% Lot size with virtual TP

TypeOverap=2 // method of eating Drawdown in Overlap function using new additional balance after EA reached target balance. if=2 then the EA will kill the most draw-downed order of the most draw-downed pair.

PyramidStepGrid=10 // distance between 2 Pyramid orders to add new Pyramid order in trend

PyramidTypeGrid=1 // type of placing and manage pyramid orders in Trend, how to manage StopLosses and Break even of Pyramid. Its only First method =1 , later we will add more Pyramid methods, 

EquityProfitCloseTarget=1 // if Equity > EquityStartSeries (file in DataFolder / MQL / Files / EA_EquityStartSeries_acc#.ini) by 1% then the EA Close all orders.

BalanceProfitToStartOverlap=1.5 // additional target balance where EA can go by new profit to start killing drawdown using OverLap. If Must be =or> EquityProfitCloseTarget . Example : EA_EquityStartSeries=10000 , EquityProfitCloseTarget=1, BalanceProfitToStartOverlap=1.5 then EA will grow balance to +1.5% = 10150 and will use 0.5 % of this balance from this point to eat Drawdown. New balance become 10100 and it will close some old orders pieces from drawdown to grow current equity by this +0.5%

Meter_TF_1=D1 // First TF at doubleTF indicator

Meter_Period_1=3 // how many last bars EA take in calculation of HiLow currency moment at 28 pairs at First TF

LevelUpFlatBuy_1=8 // this is UP value of HiLow-Pair moment where Grid can work to. 

LevelDownFlatBuy_1=0 // this is DOWN value of HiLow-Pair moment where Grid can work to. 

(indicator values min-max = +8..0..-8. For Sell direction it will be as MIRROR: LevelUPFlatSell=-8 if we entered LevelUpFlatBuy_1=8. For NON-INDICATOR Mode we must do like this : LevelUpFlatBuy_1=8 LevelDownFlatBuy_1=-8 in this case EA will place all orders without indicator values – everywhere using pips distances)

Meter_TF_2=M15 // Second TF at doubleTF indicator

Meter_Period_2=3 // how many last bars EA take in calculation of HiLow currency moment at 28 pairs at Second TF

LevelUpFlatBuy_2=8 // same logic as for First TF

LevelDownFlatBuy_2=0 // same logic as for First TF

BarsFiltres=false // additional bar filter

ScalesSymbol=0 // it can be “0”=Off or > Risk. In case Risk=10 and ScalesSymbol=20 (ScalesSymbol/Risk=20/10=2) and EA already opened opposite trend 1.5 lots at some pair in SELL – Ea can open 1.5*2 = 3 lots in BUY using Grid or Pyramid in trend direction. EA can open First Sell or Buy orders more…no meter where price go first but this function for opposite side for same pair

MagicBuyGrid=1000 // magic numbers of buy grid orders

MagicSellGrid=5000 // magic numbers of sell grid orders

Join our Telegram Robot Trading Channel for support and updates here:

To join our group of testers please open a new Demo Standard Type account with IC Markets here Set your initial account settings to an opening balance of 10,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) with a Leverage of 1:500. Send us your Demo Account Number via our Telegram Robot Trading Channel.

SetUp your MT4 Options for web requests: 



Attach the EA to just one chart – EURUSD (do not attach the EA to any other charts – it is a multi-pair EA and will automatically work on all pairs). 

Change the EA settings as below:

EaName = ZIR

Version = 101

Servers = ; (in our telegram Group sometimes we ask to post 3 or 4 server at first place in set, so you must follow our Telegram Group , sometimes we also ask Turn Off one of the Server in set due to Updating)

TimeOut = 30 ( !!! you can make it 35 40 45 50, but not less then 30 – or Broker will block your Demo account. At Real possible use 20 25 30 35)

RequestFrequency = 30 ( !!! you can make it 35 40 45 50, but not less then 30 – or Broker will block your Demo account. At Real possible use 20 25 30 35)

Slip = 50 (!!!)

On your platform Right-Click your Mouse in MARKET WATCH and select SHOW ALL PAIRS (the EA must read all 28 pairs of your Broker to operate to optimum performance)

After correct installation the EA will create 2 INI files in DATA FOLDER / MQL / Files; EA_Setting_ZIR100.INI  and EquityStartSeries.ini where you can manage Settings of the EA.

If you do not see your account number in the settings of the EA, DO NOT TRADE – delete the INI files and reload the EA, and change the TF of the EURUSD chart the is EA attached to. The Ea will then create new INI files.

The Parameters of the EA are held in this file : DATA FOLDER : MQL/Files/EA_Setting_ZIR101

EquityStartSeries of EA are held in this file : DATA FOLDER : MQL/Files/EA_EquityStartSeries_acc#

 For indicator trading modes in MT4 we must open all 28 pairs chart and refresh 2 timeframes that robot will use – manually. VideoInstruction there


  • Fixed Button CloaseAll – after this indicator do not show Zero.
  • Added Brokers with EURUSD, EURUSDm (additional letters after pairs, in Set file we must use usual pairs : EURUSD ; GBPUSD … without f )
  • added button “SETTINGS” – you press it and EA open immediatelly INI SETTINGS FILE
  • added button “Close SL” – close all profit orders that have SL for Pyramid in Trend
  • Fixed Protection from Close all Drawdown when you close and open MT4/5 and when you deposit Money to grow balance. EA will change EquityStartSeries to Current Balance and will not use old EquityStartSeries (then you can manage it to your needs)