• From 1st November 2019 our EA MPGO (or any other FX soft ) can be used by our Partners as WHITE LABEL FX-Soft. Partner can rename and resell our Robots under their Brand Names at other site.
  • Ea comments with www.fxpip.one sitelink can be changed at partner Brand Name or deleted at all…
  • 1 time setup Fee of 1 EA for 1 Company cost FREE (protection of decompilling + manage licenses in database of your Clients)
  • every account of your Client must be opened at same Name and under Fxpip IB Brokers https://www.fxpip.one/brokers/ . If your client for some reason go away from our IB or not pay IB Fee – we cancel all licenses of this Partner and all his Clients
  • 1 real account activation of License for you or your client Cost 350$
  • You can resell our Soft much higher under your Brand (it’s up to You). Our deal is to receive is $350 per 1 licence + IB
  • We not take any other Profit Fee from your Clients – it means you can divide profit of your clients without us…its not our Business
  • FXPIP interest is to receive IB from profit trading and Support You and your Clients and help manage your licenses and update with new versions
  • Best way if you will create your own Video-Course and Sell “EA + COURSE in 1 BOX” as Mentor (even as developer)

For more details Contact us Support@fxpip.one :)