New version forex robot EA MPGO v3. !

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What’s new in new version of Forex Robot EA MPGO ?

forex robot

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  1. TREND TRADING: forex robot use All_Index=1 type of entry and indicator! It choose from TOP3-Low and TOP3-High from 8 currency indexes in this indicator! We can have 9 pairs Signal at same time – (3×3 indexes) to trade always in trend before and after Index_all Levels (LevelRevSign = 2000 parameter in Set). If we have EUR in Top3-High and USD index in TOP3-Low and 1 and 2 candle comparing looks UP for pair EUR/USD (current candle =0; previous closed candle=1; pre-previous closed candle=2) EA trade at this pair BUY (if indicator index values candles are EUR=2<1 UP & USD=2>1 DOWN it means fraction of EUR/USD goes BUY trend!). Same for SELL but opposite EUR/USD
  2. ROLLBACK TRADING: EA can use LevelRevSign = 2000 parameter in Set to trade ROLLBACK once 2 Currencies of pair Fraction looks inside Channel of Index_all indicator by pre and pre-previous bars values in indicator. Both currencies must be outside channel levels (+2000 and -2000). Example of SELL Rollback at EUR/USD pair: index value at EUR > LevelRevSign = 2000 at Index_TF = 60 and EUR=2>1 ; index value at USD < LevelRevSign = 2000 (means “-2000”) at Index_TF = 60 and USD=2<1. Same for BUY Rollback but opposite EUR/USD.
  3. Parameter in Set LevelRevSign = 2000 can have Positive and Negative values. If you entry 2000 it means it will work as +2000 and -2000 level for fraction pair XXX/YYY. EA start watching ROLLBACK TRADING TYPE only after this Levels +2000 and -2000 !!! And it can trade 4 High and 4 Down indexes (not 3 and 3 as in Trend) . Both indexes of 1 pair in ROLLBACK TRADING TYPE at 2 last candles must looks to each-other = inside channel!
  4. Remember : 0=Current bar that not closed (dont use it – it repaints a lot!); 1=Previous bar that closed; 2=pre-previous bar that closed! If you entry in SignalBar=1 it means EA will compare 1 (previous) and 1+1=2 (pre-previous) bars for entry in Index_all indicator
  5. How to make Robot trade only TREND type without ROLLBACK entry always ? Make like this LevelRevSign = 1000 000. In this case EA will not reach this levels ever (+1000 000 and -1000 000 impossible to reach at H1 – but before setup it make sure that different Index_TF have different Index_all max values – compare it at Visual before for different TF to understand it !).
  6. How to make Robot trade all time in TREND and ROLLBACK only using 2 bars Comparing ? Make like this LevelRevSign = -1000 000. In this case level of ROLLBACK will be always ON (non stop) and also EA trade in trend always without any Level of LevelRevSign as you understood before. Basically LevelRevSign = REVERSAL level to start trade only inside index channel as ROLLBACK type
  7. We added Time of Trading for EA based at MaxEquityProfit! If you entry HourStart=8 and HourEnd=20 (by your broker server  time) it means forex robot will trade between this time and try to reach MaxEquityProfit. After Robot reached this target he will STOP and will not trade anymore Today till next day of HourStart=8 (will not open any new orders and serials). If robot not reached MaxEquityProfit and current Equity < Depo0 (balance of Start Serial or in GlobalVariable=Depo0) – it will continue trading even till next day HourStart=8 to try reach this target and close all. If Robot reached HourEnd=20 and he not made MaxEquityProfit by Current Equity but Current Equity > Depo0 – robot will Close all orders at account to fix even Little Profit Today and Depo0 EA will rewrite to Current balance!
  8. If You dont like to use new Daily Time of trading! Make like this: HourStart=0 and HourEnd=25 (its impossible parameters)
  9. Pairs_OnlyTradeBuy & Pairs_OnlyTradeBuy –
  10. TypeOverlap fixed in New version – if EA cannot use TypeOverlap=3 when serial do not have 3 orders it will try use TypeOverlap=2 for 2 orders ! if not possible use TypeOverlap=2 ea will use TypeOverlap=1
  11. If Zero Divide in EA – Show all 28 pairs in Market Watch! indicator need all 28 pairs to build 8 indexes and use it
  12. Instal EA – from now we post only MQL Folder. We tired from messages of people that cannot run already installed EA into MT4. Just Copy MQL folder to your data folder of any MT4 (or make it portable if you like to have all accounts MQL files in 1 place)…if you dont understand HOW TO INSTAL EAs IN MT4 or HOW TO CREATE PORTABLE MT4 – try to GOOGLE IT. Sorry we dont have time to teach where you can download MT4 or how to run EA in MT4…we must code and fix errors in Code – if you will take to much of our time with stupid question like – why your Multipair EA dont work in tester – better ask Metaquotes why their MT4 do not support Multi-pair tester, we not developer of MT4 platform! In MT4 you can use only Single pair indicators to test at 1 pair. Please respect our life time! We are humans – not robots
  13. Free Demo will work all January 2020 (any broker any acc type 10 000 balance and leverage 1:500 and higher) – we test all TF (M30 H1 H4 D1) and we will add more Types of Entry in Indicator Index_All ! Please test M30 H1 H4 to dedicate how EA works and post your ideas at Forum: . We will try to fix any errors and code it fast if your idea really have a sense. After you will understabd all parameters of EA and test them – your experience will let you use EA at less Start balance = 40 or 50 USD at Cent acc (4000 5000 at Standard acc…)
  14. Download link of latest EA version is there : 


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