New Version EA MPGO v3.2.3

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New Version EA MPGO


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New Parameters added in New Version EA MPGO v3.2.3:

Debug = True // Parameter for Testers users that in ‘journal’ check different debug stuff that we coded for them (for example if Debug=True you can how EA print TMA indicators values for TypeTMA8 and 9…etc)

FirstLotExp renamed to FistLotFactor // 1.0 // [1.0-3.0] multiplier only for 1st level of grid that not effect next levels. If FirstLotFactor=2 then EA will use multiplier only for 1st level of grid 0.2 0.1 0.1…and will not effect next grid levels. if FirstLotFactor=2.5 then ea will open 0.25 0.1 0.1…(that change only 1st start order of serial and all next calculation in serial think that nothing happened)

StopFirstLot = 10; // after what level of grid we stop use function called FirstLotFactor

UseCostOfPip = True // important parameter only for Multi-pair Set. EA use every pair cost of 1 pip and pickup such started lots of serial that give in money same values per 1 pip at any pair

MaxSpreadPips = 4.5 // Filter : EA will not trade this pair if it has Current Spread over this value in pip

AutoPipstepADR=False // ON / OFF function of Autopipstep

AutoPipstepADRTF=1440 // what TF use to calculate Average High-Low ? 0-Current, 1-M1, 5-M5, 15-M15, 30-M30, 60-H1, 240-H4, 1440-D1. Added also M2 M3 or any other Renko Offline charts can be used that generated already by some other software.

TypeFirtsLotExponent = 1; // 0 — Next Order of Grid = Previous * FirstLotExponent .  1 — Next Order of Grid = Previous + Start Lot of Serial (0.1 | 0.1+0.1=0.2 | 0.2+0.1=0.3 | 0.3+0.1=0.4 | …. )


ColOrPyr=1000 // After what level of the Grid the Pyramid trend function start working

PyramidStepI=15 // Step of Pyramid orders (minimal distance in pips between 2 pyramid orders)

PyramidLotExponentI=1.3 // Next Pyramid Lot = Previous Pyramid Order * PyramidLotExponentI

PyrStartSL = 30 // StopLoss of Pyramid order during opening (later it can be modified due Trailing Stop), if  PyrStartSL=0 then ea do not place any SL for Pyramid orders. Physical SL

SLPyramidIBU=10 // If price go in profit in that pips value from pyramid order – ea place SL=BreakEven (at OrderOpenPrice). If SLPyramidIBU=0 then ea do not place any BreakEven after some profit pips to pyramid orders.

RzSmSt=30 // If pyramid order go in this profit pips ea will open Pyramid of Pyramid (duplicate)

LotExponentPyr=1 // exponent factor of pyramid orders at first step

RzSmSt2=30 // What is the gap between 2 and the following orders to open a new pyramid level (knee)

LotExponentPyr2=1 // exponent factor of pyramid orders between 2 and next following pyramid orders

PyrScalpPip = 10 // ea will put SL = BreakEven for Pyramid orders + this Some pips in Profit

PyramidTral = 100 // Trailing Stop of Pyramid Orders

CoefRaz=5 // The share of possible pyramids orders from the Grid (after the appearance of a stop-loss at the pyramids, they are not taken a part into calculations as they not exist)

CountCoefRaz=4 // How many orders to split Recovery to CoefRaz


TypeOverLap = 4 // 4– EA will use New profit to eat pieces of order near BreakEven Line in Serial of Grid () at most “drawdowned” pair and serial that it trade

LastTPFixedPIPS = False;

NumberGoalsDay=5 // how many Equity Targets EA can close Today and will stop trading till tomorrow and/or HourStart parameter if activated (parameter will start work in case DynamicTargetEquity=False)

DynamicTargetEquity=True // if True, then the balance target  will rise by MaxEquityProfit (%%) above current Equity (they will grow together with this distance and EA will never close all orders until user will not make it False or manually will not close all Orders from Buttons)

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