Multipair-Grid-Pyramid-Overlap v.4.101#2 (Alpha) HOW TO INSTALL

First of all join our Telegram Robot Trading Channel where we can support You:

If you want to be a Tester of new versions: open New Demo there  Balance 10 000, Leverage 1:500 and send to Admin Demo Account Number 


SetUp your MT4 Options for webrequests: 



Attach Robot only at 1 chart (do not attach robot at many charts – its multi-pair EA and its work at all pairs from 1 chart) and write EaName = ZIRVersion = 101and add Server 3 & 4 in Set File using simbol ; between them (later we will add more servers and tell you what Server you have to add) like this: ;

If EA doing ErrorRequest do next:

TimeOut = 15   and  RequestFrequency=15. If say still Error then make this 2 parameters more in +5 value : 15 15 or 20 20 or 25 25 up to 30 30 Seconds max.

Click Right Mouse in MARKET WATCH and choose SHOW ALL PAIRS (EA must read all 28 pairs of your Broker):

After correct installation EA must Create 2 INI files in DATA FOLDER / MQL / Files / EA_Setting_ZIR100.INI  and EquityStartSeries.ini where you can manage Settings of EA :

If you do not have same Numbers of Settings or EA DO NOT TRADE – delete your INI from old ea version and change TF where EA attached. Ea must create new correct INI for new version, then you can modify values of Parameters. Sometimes help delete and attach EA again at chart

Robot hold Parameters in this file : DATA FOLDER : MQL/Files/EA_Setting_ZIR101

Risk=10  // Start oreder of serial in % from Balance. Risk will be reduced by pairs if you will use more 1 pair

MaxRisk = 30 // Max lot size in % of Balance for each pair

GridSignalDirectoin=1 //if ”0” than EA can trade using signal area in + and – , if ”1” than EA will open Grid Buy orders only in “+” indicator area and Grid Sell orders only in ”-” indictor area.

PipStepGrid=7 //minimum distance between 2 grid orders of 1 serial if indicator show same direction

TypeCoef1=1 //”0” or ”1” or ”2”  (method of calculation next grid Lot Size)

if 0 then Next Grid Level = PreviousOrderLot * GridCoef1

if 1 then Next Grid Level = AverageLotOfSerial + PreviousOrder * GridCoef1

if 2 then  Next Grid Level = PreviousOrder + StartLotOfSerial

GridCoef1=2  //[0.2 – 2] depending on what TypeCoef1 you use

LevelGridCoef2=3  //level of grid when start working TypeGridCoef2 

TypeGridCoef2=1 //calculation method same as TypeGridCoef1

GridCoef2=0.6 // calculation method same as GridCoef1

VSLGridStart=100 //Virtual StopLoss in PIPS for every Grid order after VSLGridLevel

VSLGridLevel=3 //Level of Grid order when start working Virtual StopLoss in Pips

VTPLastGrid=7 //virtual TakeProfit of every last Grid Level order of the serial in pips. Usually =or> PipStepGrid

VTPBalanceProfitOverlap=1 //temporary additional balance target . Must be =or> EquityProfitCloseTarget

TypeOverap=2 //method of Eating old orders from drawdown. If=2 then EA autochoose to kill most drawdowned order at most drawdowned pair.

EquityProfitCloseTarget=1 // if Equity > EquityStartSeries in 1% then EA Close all orders at Account (% to close all). EA hold parameter EquityStartSeries in DataFolder/MQL/Files/

AlwaysInTheMarket=1 // EA do not close all orders all time if reach TargetEquity, just replace new Target automatically, Balance always bigger current equity

EquitySlCoef=1.10 // 1.10 means that if EA see 10% drawdown (1=100%, 1.1=110% means 10%) then EA can drop EquityStartSeries Down to 10%. It can be used as VirtualStopLoss

INDICATOR HI-LOW at 2 TimeFrames per Some Bars divide Hi-Low moment to -8…+8 Zones

Candle calculation of HiLow at 28 pairs of a Hi-Low moment of every Currencies than combine Pairs from Currencies moment. Minimal pair Low = -8 Maximal pair High = +8First TF must be Bigger (D1). other smaller TF (M15) must be same direction as First older TF to have a signal for orders. EA compare 2 timeframes

LevelUpFlatBuy=7 //Up Level of indicator where EA stop open Buy Grid Orders  (if indicator will move up more)

LevelDownFlatBuy=-3 //Down Level of indicator where EA stop open Buy Grid Orders (if indicator will move down more)

Grid buy will work [-8..+8])

LevelUpFlatSell=3 //Up Level of indicator where EA stop open Sell Grid Orders (if indicator will move up more)

LevelDownFlatSell=-7 // Down Level of indicator where EA stop open Sell Grid Orders (if indicator will move down more)

Meter_TF_1=D1 // TF where EA looking for Hi-Low range to find currency and pair Moment [-8…+8]

Meter_Period_1=3 // how much bars take a part in Indicator at Meter_TF_1 calculation for Hi-Low of currency and pair moment

Meter_TF_2=M15 // Second TF for comparing with fist older TF to calculate Hi-Low moments

Meter_Period_2=3 // how much last bars at second TF take a part to collect Hi-Low moments at 28 pairs and calculate Currencies moments to combine second TF Currencies moments

MagicBuyGrid=1000 // magic numbers of buy grid orders

MagicSellGrid=5000 // magic munbers of sell grid orders

ScalesSymbol=1 // ON=1 , OFF = 0.  if=1 and EA opened EURUSD Sell than will not open EURJPY Sell as double sell of EUR Currency to not go more in Drawdown at 2 pairs if EUR go Up

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