Join to Develop and Test multi-pair EA for fast Strategy Tester in MetaTrader5

News from www.FXPIP.ONE : why we started to recode our best multi- pair robot for MT5 platform? Because we need to make it possible to test and fast optimise at several pairs same time in Strategy Tester of MetaTrader5. It give us chance to combine different multi-pair strategies like: Correlations, Currency Meter Power, Swap Trading … etc

Before that we developed versions in Mt4 but optimisation there possible only for 1 pair in Strategy Tester and take long time. We were confused of multi-pair opportunity that we can use in Metatrader5 platform – mq5 language.  Also optimisation in mt5 tester using all CPU Processors – it make testing very fast.

Our Mt4 Robot used Multi-pair OverLap function : new profit orders killed old orders from drawdown in multi-pair modes (one pair help other pair), and we could not see in directly in Tester. But in MT5 platform we can see how this function work between different pairs :

Right now we have added already such functional :

  • Multi-Pair Grid (Flat Signal)
  • Malti-Pair Overlap
  • Equity Targets (% to close all at account)
  • Temporary Equity target
  • MagicNumbers

Left to add in code:

  • Pyramid (Trend Signal)
  • Control panel Buttons (to make it possible to use EA in Semi-Automatic modes)
  • Hidden StopLoss and TrailingStop


Have some tests of pure grid function with overlap at 4 pairs same time:

Join to test and optimise our Alpha and Beta Mt5 version soon. We will provide Demo and Cent account for our members for some period. Also we doing Mt4 same version after we will be happy with mt5 optimised version (because mt4 is more popular nowadays). Brokers and partners also are welcome.

There our Telegram Group where we test our new versions:

Visit page with other our soft for trading:

If you have ideas please feel free to contact us:


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