How we develop Alpha version of EA Multi-pair-Grid-Pyramid-OverLap with our Members!?

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How to install EA ?

Setup options of your Metatrader for webrequest of 5 Servers FXPIP.ONE :

a) b) c) d) e)


Attach Robot only at 1 chart (do not attach robot at many charts – its multi-pair EA and its work at all pairs from 1 chart) and write EaName = ZIR and all 5 Server in Set File:


After Correct installation you must see Message : SERVER ONLINE at chart:


IMPORTANT : during Alpha and Beta Developing and Testing please follow Admin posts and use only DEMO accounts. There possible fixing of Errors in EA code so you can blow account due to this….


Robot hold Parameters in this file : MQL/Files/EA_Setting_ZIR100

Risk=10  // Start oreder of serial in % from Balance. Risk will be reduced by pairs if you will use more 1 pair

GridSignalDirectoin=0 //if ”0” than EA can trade using signal area in + and – , if ”1” than EA will open Grid Buy orders only in “+” indicator area and Grid Sell orders only in ”-” indictor area.

PipStepGrid=7 //minimum distance between 2 orders of 1 serial if indicator show same direction

TypeCoef1=1 //”0” or ”1” or ”2”  (method of calculation next grid Lot Size)

if 0 then Next Grid Level = PreviousOrderLot * GridCoef1

if 1 then Next Grid Level = AverageLotOfSerial + PreviousOrder * GridCoef1

if 0 then  Next Grid Level = PreviousOrder + StartLotOfSerial

GridCoef1=0.3  //[0.2 – 2] depending on what TypeCoef1 you use

LevelGridCoef2=1000  //soon come 

TypeGridCoef2=0 //soon come

GridCoef2=2 // soon come

VTPLastGrid=7 //virtua tale profit of every grid last order of the resial in pips. Usually => PipStepGrid

VTPBalanceProfitOverlap=1 //temporary additional balance target . Must be => EquityProfitCloseTarget

TypeOverap=2 //method of Eating old orders from drawdown. If=2 then EA autochoose to kill most drawdowned order at most drawdowned pair.

EquityProfitCloseTarget=1 // if Equity > StartBalanceOfSerial in 1% then EA Close all orders at Account (% to close all)

LevelUpFlatBuy=0  //Up Level of indicator where EA stop open Buy Grid Orders  (if indicator will move up more)

LevelDownFlatBuy=-4 //Down Level of indicator where EA stop open Buy Grid Orders (if indicator will move down more)

Grid buy will work [-4..-0])

LevelUpFlatSell=4 //Up Level of indicator where EA stop open Sell Grid Orders (if indicator will move up more)

LevelDownFlatSell=0 // Down Level of indicator where EA stop open Sell Grid Orders (if indicator will move down more)

Meter_TF_1=M15 // timeframe where EA looking for HiLow range to find urrency and pair Moment [-8…+8]

Meter_Period_1=3 // how much bars take a part in Indicator at Meter_TF_1 calculation for HiLow of currency and pair momenet

MagicBuyGrid=1000 // magic numbers of buy grid orders

MagicSellGrid=5000 // magic munbers of sell grid orders

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