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EA "Multi-Pair-Grid-Overlap" v Video-Course


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=EURGBP;EURAUD;EURNZD;EURUSD;EURCAD …. etc up to 28 FX pairs ( XAUUSD, us500, nasdaq, dax and any other indices/commodities/shares can be used in this parameter (!) but only with indicators that builtin EA for 1 pair (please do not use IndexAll indicator at dax).

Robot can work from 1 chart at all pairs ! [1-28] but its not necessary to use all 28.  You may enter from 1 up to 28 pairs and each pair will share the same EA settings. Please input all required pairs and separate them using symbol [ ; ] as above, and at the end of last pair do not input anything. Add also Suffix for your pairs if broker have them: EURUSDx;GBPUSDx; or EURUSD.m;GBPUSD.m;…Before use some pairs - open all pairs in Market Watch of MT4 and check - does your pairs tradable or not (try to put little pending order at less. Sometimes Broker have EURUSD and EURUSDm at one account). If you wish to trade any pairs with separate EA settings than open a separate chart and enter alternative settings as required.

In strategy Tester of MT4 please use Only 1 Pair in this parameter and use 1 pair Indicator types of entry! MT4 tester cannot open orders in Tester more then at 1 pair !!! MT4 tester cannot analyse Muti-pair indicators!!! Don't try to run multi-pair IndexAll entry or multi-pair robots in tester of MT4 –  you will have ZeroDivide Error! (Multi-pair Tester Metaquotes coded only in MT5). In version v3.1.4.0 to use signal Index_all need to entry all 28 pairs in PairsForTrading parameter (indicator use all 28 pairs to build 8 indexes and signals) there you can copy 28 pairs if need :


Please attach EA at the fastest TF you use in SET (see indicators entries Block). MT4 cannot read M15 from H1 (if you attached EA at H1)

LoadHistoricalData = True // If True - it will update once per 1 bar (where you installed/attached EA) your all MarketWatch pairs tick data and all TimeFrames  automatically for correct indicators work and calculations. Also EA will do same first time when you attach it on chart (patience – it can take up to 5 minutes and will not open any trades until will not finish it process )

TimeStartEnd = False // Use Trading Time Filter – Yes/No
 = 0; // Time for EA start work if all orders are Closed before that time
HourEnd = 20 // Time to Finish trading Today and Close any possible little profit and all orders at account at that time if CurrentEquity>StartDepo (or Depo0 in GlobalVariables) balance when EA started New Last Serial. If you entry HourStart=8 and HourEnd=20 (by your broker server time) it means EA will trade between this time and try to reach MaxEquityProfit MANY TIMES ! If after HourEnd=20 robot see that at account Equity StartDepo(Depo0) – robot will Close all orders at account to fix even Little Profit Today and Depo0 EA will rewrite to Current balance! If You don't like to use new Daily Time of trading! Make like this: HourStart=0 and HourEnd=25 (its impossible parameters). This parameter sometimes not work good in different GMT time zones (make errors sometimes - better test it first at Demo)

VisualButton = True // show control panel buttons Yes/No. This software is designed not only for Automated trading type but also to perform in semi-automated mode for bigger profit (user control and help EA from time to time, i.e. close current profits reached, add trend orders in hedge of global direction, additional pending orders for News trading across the price, change temporary Equity Targets to start OverLap function … etc) . TurnOff this parameter in Tester and Optimisation – Ea will work faster, also TurnOff if you work in Total Automated mode

Debug = True // Parameter for Testers users that in 'journal' check different debug stuff that we coded for them (for example if Debug=True you can see how EA print TMA indicators values for TypeTMA8 and 9...etc)

NoNewTrade = False // if True – after EA reach Target Equity and close all orders at Account (including your manual and other EAs orders) EA will not open any new order and serials in any direction. But if EA not reaching target yet and EA have existed serials with NoNewTrade=true - it can open new grid orders in existed serials to try reach target equity and will not open any new Serials (Start orders of new Serial). This parameter for thous who need only 1 target+ EA Stop and do not start new Serials until user will make manually in Set NoNewTrade=False. To make EA working one more cycle and reach new TargetEquity just make NoNewTrade = False (EA Start to trade) and after EA just opened orders – you can make again NoNewTrade = True if you like EA to Stop after its reached Target Equity (at same time you can control EquityTarget % from EA buttons if you like). If activate this parameter in True – so EA not entry at NEW PAIRS even if signal coming, its only continue work at existed pairs that have already orders to finish current serial till TargetEquity, or EA will use LastTp (or TrailingStop) at every order if all orders goes profit…

Control_LimitStop = True; // Allow management of the advisor, using manual pending orders without any comments to have an opportunity control EA  from Mobile MT4 manually.


  1. Start and continue Trading Sell of EA MPGO at pair: put at pair Sell Limit order above current price any lot size with MagicNumber=0 (or empty Magic Number) at such pair
  2. Stop Trading Sell direction of EA MPGO at pair: delete all Sell Limit orders with MagicNumber=0 (or empty Magic Number) at such pair
  3. Close all opened Sell positions at pair: put at pair Sell Stop below the current price any lot size with MagicNumber=0 (or empty Magic Number) at such pair


TradeBuy = True // if False – EA will not open any Buy order at any pair

= EURUSD ; GBPUSD; NZDUSD // enter pairs that you would like to trade only Buy (enter also this pairs in 1st parameter called PairsForTrading. All Signals Must be OFF to use this option of separate SELL and BUY direction in 1 Set at all pairs)

TradeSell = True // if False – EA will not open any sell order at any pair

= EURJPY ; GBPJPY; CADJPY //enter pairs that you would like to trade only Sell (enter also this pairs in 1st parameter called PairsForTrading. All Signals Must be OFF to use this option of separate SELL and BUY direction in 1 Set at all pairs)

NewSerialBuy = True // if False – EA will not open new buy Grid serial trades. It will finish any/all existing buy serial trades

NewSerialSell = True // if False – EA will not open new sell Grid serial trades. It will finish any/all existing sell serial trades

NewLevelBuy = True // if False – no new grid level in buy series (level = Next Grid order in Grid serial, example of 4 levels of 1 grid series : 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.04)

NewLevelSell = true // if False – no new grid level in sell series

StartLot = 0.0 // Use in Default 0 . EA dedicate Minimal Start lot of any broker automatically

ReverseStartLot = False // multiplier for only first (start) level of the grid based at Hedge % from opposite serial. It can effect also next grid levels after reversed order in his serial, all lot multiplier will use this order lots to calculate next levels in same direction. Example: EA have 0.1+ 0.1+ 0.1+ 0.2+ 0.3+ 0.4 (sum total 1.2 lot) already opened in Sell direction and will try to open reverse start order in buy using the settings of CoefReverseStartLot below; (he have no buy orders yet) with CoefReveseStartLot = 0.3 (means 30% from 1.2 of sell sum lots) 0.3*1.2= 0.3 lots will be start lot of buy serial. After this EA will continue buy serial like this 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.5 0.7…means it will effect at next orders – they will be bigger than opposite sell serial levels

CoefReverseStratLot = 0.3 // portion of reverse start lot (in 1st grid level only). If sum sell lots at 1 pair = 1.5 lots EA will try to open in start lot of buy serial 30% from 1.5 sell lots : 1.5*0.3=0.5 lots is a start order of buy grid serial

FirstLotFactor = 1.0 // [1.0-3.0] multiplier only for 1st level of grid that not effect next levels. If FirstLotFactor=2 then EA will use multiplier only for 1st level of grid 0.2 0.1 0.1…and will not effect next grid levels. if FirstLotFactor=2.5 then EA will open 0.25 0.1 0.1…(that change only 1st start order of serial and all next calculation in serial think that nothing happened)

StopFirstLot = 10; // after what level of grid in opposite serial we stop use hedging function at StartOrderOfTheSerial function called FirstLotFactor