FXPIP Forex Funds Management for Investors

  • Minimal average monthly profit: 25%-50% (sometimes up to 100%)
  • Minimal investment (deposit at your account) from $10 000
  • Minimal investment period 1 week (5 working days)
  • Profit sharing for management 33% from investor profit

Example of calculation:

  • Investor invested for 1 month $ 10 000
  • Pure Profit done per 1 month is $ 5000 (+50%)
  • Investor received (100%-33%=67%) from Pure Profit $ 3350. Total balance at investor account at the end of Month is 10000+3350=$ 13350
  • Fund manager from FXPIP received (33%) from Pure Profit $ 1650

We develop all time our FXPIP SOFT and Expert Advisors versions with our Clients from their manual trading systems ideas. Only in this way our algorithms and trading soft can manage accounts of investors in this way:

TMA bands forex robot
TMA bands forex robot
TMA bands forex robot
TMA bands forex robot

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If you have a questions contact us support@fxpip.one